The Splinter Cell

A live action Splinter Cell fan film which sees Sam Fisher being interrogated in the Pentagon and pulling off some stealthy shadow ops.

The Splinter Cell is Directed by
Ben & Andrew Adams

Produced by
Andrew Adams, Chase Arrington, Ben Adams, Kris Cho, Associate Producers, Ben Haschke, Andrew Hajek

Written By
Andrew Adams

Music by
Matt Bukaty

John Redlinger, Todd Gable, Jared Smith, Todd Jenkins, Skylar Holt, Seth Jacob Fenton

Website/Social Media
Atomic Productions

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Our Verdict
The Splinter Cell delivers a very cinematic experience which feels a little like a Mission impossible movie, but with more of a focus on stealth than explosions. The acting, fight choreography and soundtrack are all excellent, making for a very professionally feeling experience. Sam’s every much the bad-ass he is in the video games, striking from the shadows and stealthily eliminating his enemies one by one, though there’s a fun post-credits scene where he’s not quite as stealthy as usual!

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