The Star Wars: Concept Trailer

A short Star Wars fan film trailer that gives a glimpse of what could of been, by creating a Star Wars movie trailer based on the original concept art by Ralph McQuarrie.

The Star Wars: Concept Trailer is Directed by
Matt Killian

Produced by
John Anderson, Angel Gonzales Jr., David Sushil

Written By
Matt Killian

Music by
Kays Alatrakchi

Daniel Greenfield, Lexi Adams, David Simmons

Website/Social Media
The DAVE School

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Our Verdict
It’s hard to believe how different the Star Wars movies may have been if they’d have stuck to some of the original ideas and concept art by Ralph McQuarrie. Han Solo could have had green skin and gills, Stormtroopers may have wielded lightsabers and Luke may have been a heroic young woman called “Luka Starkiller”. We’ll never get to see those ideas realised fully, but this fan made trailer gives a great taster of what could have been. It’s very well made and feels like you’re watching a Star Wars trailer from a parallel universe. The characters and ships all look a bit odd when compared to the ones we all know and love but they’re interesting to see. Darth Vader looks particularly menacing, Chewie looks downright weird, C-3P0 has never looked better and It’s interesting how much Luka Starkiller looks like Rey. Overall Lucas probably made the right choices but it’d be nice to see a bit more of this alternate universe.

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by JangoNo9 on Fan Movie Watch
_________________An Interesting Glimpse At What Could of Been_________________

Kudos to the guys for making this. I'm not sure I'd ever be on-board with a green skinned and gilled Han Solo but it's an interesting look at how much changed and how much stayed the same.