THE VERSE – Firefly Fan Film

A fan film set in the Firefly universe, with a new ship and a new crew getting into the same old trouble!

THE VERSE is Directed by
Julian Higgins

Produced by
Matthew Arevalo, Chris Davis

Written By
Peter Weidman, Julian Higgins, Zack Finfrock.

Music by
Dan Martinez

Ryan Caldwell, Jennifer Wenger, Peter Weidman, Tybee Diskin, Zack Finfrock, Alex Marshall-Brown, Ewan Chung, Vic Mignogna

Website/Social Media
The Verse

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Our Verdict
An impressive fan film that nails the mischevious cowboys in space theme of the original TV series. The production standards are pretty much on par with the original TV series too, with charismatic actors, authentic looking costumes and great special FX. The cast are all likeable and film makers have made the right decision in using entirely new characters as anyone attempting to fill Fillion’s boots would probably never measure up.

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