TK630: A Star Wars Fan Film

A live action Star Wars fan film which sees a lone Stormtrooper searching for a Jedi after his troop has been wiped out by Rebels.

TK630: A Star Wars Fan Film is Directed by
Brendan H. Banks

Produced by
Brendan H. Banks, Josh Ruben, Paul Lowey, Mike Ritchie, Sean Dermond

Written By
Charlie McWade

Music by
Michale Suarez

Josh Ruben, Starla Bolle, Charlie McWade, Abe Danz

Website/Social Media
Brendan H. Banks

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Our Verdict
A low key Star Wars fan film with some great acting and a simple story. You can see the ending coming a mile off, but the way the Jedi is revealed is well done. You do start to care for the two characters during the short time you spend with them so when they face off it’s quite a moment. Also it’s fun to hear the Stormtrooper describing a Jedi as “en evil wizard with magical powers”.

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