Turncoat: A Star Wars Short Film

A live action Star Wars fan film that follows a band of Jedi who have tracked down a traitor tot he Jedi Order on a distant planet in the Outer Rim.

Turncoat is Directed by
Matthew Boerger

Produced by
Matthew Boerger

Written By
Matthew Boerger

Music by
Matthew Boerger

Cesario Bahn, Matthias Dryker, Quintus Ordrin, Goran Rayd, Gwyn Vaeda

Website/Social Media
Optio Productions

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Our Verdict
It’s clearly not got a high budget, but it’s a good little fan film with solid acting and interesting characters.  The lightsaber battles are very well choreographed and the twist at the end proves yet again how easy it is for the Sith to deceive the Jedi order.

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