Uncharted: Whence the Devil Came

An live action Uncharted which sees Nathan breaking into a heavily guarded mansion in search of a valuable telescope.

Uncharted: Whence the Devil Came is Directed by
Sy Cody White

Produced by
Jeff Moffitt, Mike Sgroi, Jason Lee Hess, Craig Helfer

Written By
Craig Helfer

Music by
Greg Edmundson

Ed Trucco, Garlan Green, Steven Komito, Scott Bolger, Maximillian Zammit, Mike Sgroi, Darren Bliss, Craig Helfer,

Website/Social Media
Iron Horse Cinema

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Our Verdict
It’s not quite as good as the incredible Nathan Fillion film released in 2018, but Uncharted: Whence the Devil is still pretty impressive, with a nice amount of sneaking, banter and action. The chemistry between Nathan and Sully is particularly great. It’d be nice to see more of them if they decide to follow that map on another adventure!

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