Watch Dogs: Retribution

A fan film based on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs franchise which sees Aiden Pearce using his hacking skills to save a young woman who is a witness in a case against the crime boss, Bobby Falco.

Watch Dogs: Retribution is Directed by
George Kirby

Produced by
George Kirby

Written By
George Kirby

Music by
John Koutselinis

Aiden Pearce — Leigh Maddern
Voice of Aiden — Nathan Stickley
Eddie Cross — Brad Shaw
Tina DeFrates — Kelly Middleton-Evans
Bobby Falco — Steve Hannam

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Our Verdict
Much like the games it’s based on Watch Dogs: Retribution doesn’t have the most interesting of narratives, but it’s a very well put together fan film. The acting is good, the cinematography is great and the fight choreography is very well done. Particularly impressive is Watch Dogs style hackign UI ahta appear on screen and the way Aiden uses his high tech gadgetry to defeat the bad guys.

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