What We Become: A The Last of Us Fan Film

A short live action The Last of Us fan film that sees Ellie and Joel dealing with a group of attackers.

What We Become is Directed by
Harry Anderson

Produced by
Harry Anderson

Written By
Harry Anderson

Darren Anderson, Hannah Mai Anderson, Andrew Mitchell, Charlie Anderson, Adam Ellis, Kai Elson-Smith

Website/Social Media
Lone Giraffe Productions

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Our Verdict
An impressive little fan film that manages to capture The Last of Us’ grim post-apocalyptic atmosphere. It’s clearly a very low budget production and the choreography could do with a little work but it’s got some great moments. One nice touch is that you expect Joel to rescue Ellie, but she actually rescues herself. Also, the begining and end sequences where they’re dealing with the aftermath of what’s just gone down are very well done.

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